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Mobile Home Remodeling Supplies: Some Vital Tips On Maintaining Your Residence

Buying a mobile home is without doubt a cost effective way of getting a comfortable home. Even though you are bound to spend less per square foot than you would otherwise spend for a conventional home, you will still be able to enjoy the style, beauty and comfort of home ownership. Therefore, just like any other investment, keeping your mobile home in optimum condition must be of paramount importance. Mobile home remodeling supplies may be required to do so. As much as there are some rather obvious and practical differences in decorating, repairing and maintaining such a home, it is neither difficult nor is it a tedious undertaking. Here are some handy tips on how to fix up and maintain your manufactured home easily and effectively.

Mobile Home Remodeling Supplies - Tips

Irrespective of the brand, be it an Oakwood, Titan or Live Oak, your home should be properly leveled. Most likely, at the time of setting it up, your home will be level. But over time, it is advisable to have it adjusted and leveled. Signs of a poorly leveled home may vary, but most often doors will fail to close properly, the floor squeaks when someone walks on it, windows don’t fit right or you start noticing cracks in ceilings and walls. If you see one or a combination of above mentioned signs then it is high time you had the home leveled. There are several kits available in the market which can assist with the leveling process.

The reason why your home has gutters is to quickly and safely move water falling from your roof away from the foundation. Unless this is done, chances are that the foundation of your home will be significantly damaged. Gutters also help in protecting the skirting, siding and landscaping. Apart from the above, they also reduce the overall accumulation of moisture under the house. It is therefore very important to regularly clean the gutters by simply sweeping through or manually picking off the debris whenever possible. They normally get clogged by falling leaves and other debris.

To avoid condensation in your home, circulation of heated air is very important. In this regard, homes from leading brands such as Fleetwood, Cavalier, Schult etc are normally equipped with a thermostatically controlled furnace on a central heating system. The system usually comes with adjustable registers in every room. Even though the maintenance of the heating system will depend on whether it is gas, oil or electric, it is important to go through the manufacturer’s instruction manual for the correct information of operation, adjustment and maintenance of the system. If the system has filters, make sure they are cleaned at least once annually.

Chances are that your home’s frame is made of steel that’s been well painted so as to protect it from corrosion and rust. Unfortunately, for one reason or the other, certain areas of the frame may get damaged or scratched. When this happens, the frame may get exposed unnecessarily to instances of corrosion and you thus need to touch them up. A good touch up can easily be done using some high quality asphaltic base or zinc chromate. Alternatively, you can also purchase some good paint from any well stocked mobile home remodeling supplies shop that’s near you.

Most homes usually come equipped with some important appliances such as the gas cooking range, gas or electric water heater and an electric refrigerator. Depending on the brand, you may also have a garbage disposal, dishwasher or washer dryer. All of these usually come with warranties and operating instructions, it is important to read these documents carefully so as not to void any warranty and also keep the home safe and secure. Proper use and keen application of safety precautions is of paramount importance for the longevity and well being of your home.

Due to the general ease of care, most manufacturers tend to prefer using high pressure laminated countertops. Such countertops are ideal because they can be cleaned with liquid detergents and warm water. It is always advisable to avoid ammonia products which can discolor the countertops and abrasive cleaners that can degrade and scratch the tops. To protect the countertop from high heat, always use wire racks or hot pads between any hot utensils and the countertop. It is also worth mentioning that depending on the extent of the damage on your countertop, you can perform some temporary repair by using silicon.

The ceiling is a very pivotal part of your home. If you allow the humidity level of your home to get too high, condensation can collect on the ceiling and cause staining. If the ceiling gets stained or dirty, it is possible to have it repainted with some high quality acoustical ceiling paint. Dirt smudges on the ceiling can also be cleaned using a soft gum eraser whereas small scratches or scrapes can be adequately covered by simply rubbing them with some white, soft chalk. Always make a point of covering a stain before painting; there are several products in the market which can be used to seal the area.

It is also important to maintain the sliding closet doors and cabinet drawers of your home frequently, this is especially so when you take into consideration the number of times these fixtures are used in the home on a daily basis. The wardrobe doors usually hang from a track and have a guide attached at the bottom. To avoid sliding problems, always keep the track clean and devoid of any debris or dirt which may prevent the smooth movement of the door. To keep the doors sliding freely, periodically apply some wax to the drawer edges and guides, this will go a long way in keeping your cabinet drawers and wardrobe in good working condition.

By following the above mentioned tips, a homeowner is not only bound to reap the benefits of homeownership for much longer, but will also be able to get a good re-sale value for the home in the event he or she decides to put it up for sale. A well maintained and properly taken care of home is bound to fetch much more in the market than one which has not been well maintained over the years.

However, if all is lost and your mobile home is deemed to be no longer liveable, removal companies are available to 'trash it'.

Mobile Home Remodeling Supplies - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When was the first mobile home built?

A: Technically, a mobile home is a factory built housing unit that’s been built prior to June 15th, 1976 before the Housing and Urban Development code came into effect. The first examples of mobile homes can easily be traced back to the roaming teams of gypsies who traveled with their horse drawn mobile home dating back to the 1500s. However, in America, the very first mobile units were built in the early 1870’s. These were basically movable beach front properties built in outer banks region of North Carolina: Such homes were moved by a team of horses. Mobile homes as we know them began in 1926 with trailer coaches or automobile pulled trailers that are designed as a home away from home. These units eventually evolved into current mobile homes immediately after WWII ended when veterans came back and there was a shortage of houses.

Q: Where can mobile home parts be bought?

A: There are several online shopping stores taking advantage of the wide selection of mobile home exterior products so as to update your homes vents, siding, roofing as well as other accessories. From long lasting vinyl sidings readily available in a variety of colors. There are also durable roofing materials such as rubber which are easy to install and waterproof are also readily available. There are also new skirting options that are important for curb appeal as well as doors which can either be standard doors or storm doors depending on your needs and requirements. There also lots of mobile home floor registers in different sizes and materials as well. For plumbing you can opt to buy new water heaters, fittings and pipes, with ABS fittings being quite popular. Here are some popular online shops where you can find virtually all your mobile home remodeling supples.

- The Menards

- Star Mobile Home Supplies

- Mobile Home Parts Store

Q: What brand of mobile is considered to be the best?

A: There are lots of noticeable brands out there in the market. Most of these brands however tend to serve a specific area only even though there are some of the brands which are large enough so as to have multiple plants that serve a large areA: Some of the brands have a niche market, covering either the high end, while those covering the middle end with others targeting the low end of the cost spectrum. Park models, Garages, Single wides, multi-section units as well as green homes are just some of the areas that distinguish brands. Some of the popular brands though include Cavco, Clayton Homes, Fleetwood Homes, Chariot Eagle, Golden West Homes, Redman, Oakwood Homes, Norris Homes, and Skyline Homes etc. Palm harbor, Fleetwood and Clayton are some of the best brands in the market.

Q: How much does a mobile home cost?

A: Just like a traditional home, there are several factors that dictate the overall cost of a mobile home. For brand new homes, two to three bedroom cost $75,000 or more and more than $125,000 for more high end units. This though does depend on the square footage and configuration. It is important to note that apart from the initial cost of buying the unit, it is important to take into consideration other additional costs such as insurance costs, sewer hookup, septic system, foundation and groundwork etc.

Q: Who does mobile home refinancing?

A: Refinancing your mobile home can make a significant difference in monthly payments, whether to finance the mobile home with a personal property loan or even a mortgage. Chattel loans can also be refinanced into mortgages so as to reduce monthly housing expenses. To qualify for refinancing your mortgage, the home must be on a permanent foundation that meets standards set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The mobile home must also be titles as a real estate rather than as a personal property. In addition, the homeowner has to own the land that the mobile home is on. When a mobile home has been titles as personal property, the owner does pay personal property taxes, but when the unit is titled as real estate, the owner does pay real estate taxes. In most instances, property taxes are usually higher than real estate taxes.

Here are some of the leading mobile home refinancing institutions in market, they include but are not limited to the following;

- MH Loans

- ESL Int

Q: Are mobile homes a good investment?

A: Mobile homes are not a poor choice of investment; they were and still remain an alternative to traditional buildings. Since they are not made as a regular house, they can therefore go downhill pretty fast if proper care is not taken to maintain and conserve the unit. It is also worth mentioning that at times the material used for the finishing such as tub units, cabinetry and trims are not of the highest quality. One should therefore either replace them or take very good care of them so as to enhance its longevity. So with proper maintenance, a mobile home will serve you pretty well. One of the main disadvantages though is that unlike a traditional home which may appreciate over some period depending on the location and size; most mobile homes tend to depreciate in value over the years. However, just like any other investment, it is highly recommended that you take your time and check out all the pros and cons of getting a mobile home.

Q: Why are mobile home doors shorter?

A: This is mainly because mobile homes don’t have a cold air return. Because of this, the doors need to be shorter than the normal doors for the AC unit and furnace to function properly. In the event that you want to replace the door with a full length version, then you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the door and then insert vent covers as this will allow for some air to be drawn from one room to the other. Normal mobile home doors are usually cut short; about two inches off the floor, making them look shorter than traditional doors.

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