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Hard Sided Above Ground Pools: Keep Cool During The Summer Months

There are very many options when it comes to hard sided above ground pools for a home. It is therefore very important to make your choice carefully, this is especially important when you take into consideration the fact that this is usually a one-off purchase for many people. Always make a point of getting a unit that perfectly fits your budget and lifestyle.

Hard Sided Above Ground Pools - Pointers

The first thing you need to clarify first is your need(s). you need to decide whether you need a pool that you can set up, fill and have a swim the same day or do you intend to have something more permanent which can then be enhanced further. The main advantage of a hard sided pool is that it’s durable and can endure the harsh elements. They are also a less investment when you compare them against in-ground pools. Whereas in-ground pools cost much more, above ground pools are relatively cheaper in comparison; depending on the size and materials used.

They are also quick and easy fun for the entire family. Once the pool arrives, all you need to do is to set it up and begin filling it with water. Even with the largest above pool, then unit should be ready for use in a day or two. Above ground pools also tend to have very unique usages. With or without a trainer, these units remain quite ideal for water therapy sessions for those recovering from joint and pain problems. Anyone with mobility problems can easily use such a unit. Further to the above, these pools can be used to retrain muscles and help get strength back from injuries and accidents as well as ailments such as paralysis and arthritis; this does imply that with an above ground unit around, getting such treatments are made a possibility in the backyard.

When it comes to making a choice, there are mainly two categories that you need to take into consideration. the aluminum or steel wall pools. These pools are durable and relatively permanent above ground. They are typically built to withstand the harsh winters and can therefore survive without being taken down at the end of each season.

Above ground pools with aluminum walls have a much higher strength to weight ratio than steel units. In addition, the pools tend to be lighter when you compare them against steel walled pools. It is also worth noting that aluminum as a metal doesn’t rust, but it does oxidize in the event that the unit that’s not anodized correctly. That said, steel walled pools usually feel sturdier even though in practical purposes they are not as sturdy as they look.

In terms of shape, these pools are readily available in round, rectangular or oval shapes as well as a variety of styles and colors. Depending on what you want to use the pool for, the shape can make a big difference. If you want to exercise in the pool then get rectangle pools for sessions of lap dancing. Pay close attention to the available space. It is also worth mentioning that since these pools are customizable, the pump and filter systems are usually purchased separately. However, most purchases are sold with a choice of vinyl liner as well as a through wall skimmer. aluminum wall pools tend to come fitted with ladders whereas steel wall pools don’t generally come with a ladder.

For those who live in the snow belt, it is important to consider how you are going to winterize the pool adequately. For this purpose, you need to purchase items such as cover air pillows, pool cover, closing chemicals etc.

Hard Sided Above Ground Pools - Product Examples

1) Product Name: Heritage Complete Above Ground Pool

Product Price: $ 3048.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a strong, 7 inch painted galvanized steel ledge as well as a Perma 25 series all weather vinyl overlap liner with a swirl print bottom. it is also sold with a heavy duty resin ladder with flip up anti-entrapment barrier and anti-entry staircase. It comes fitted with a 19 inch sand filter and 1 Hp motor with a safety twist lock plug and is sold with a 25 year warranty.

2) Product Name: Blue Wave Oval Top Rail Metal Wall Swimming Pools

Product Price: $ 3628.27

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit id fitted with resin top rails that will never corrode, dent or rust. Constructed using thick gauge steel; the strongest material in use for above ground units. The unit is not only rugged and durable, but is also beautiful. The pool comes with a wide mouth skimmer as well as a return fitting, a Uni-bead liner a pump system as well as s resin A frame ladder. Comes with a 30 year limited warranty.


Hard Sided Above Ground Pools - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are above ground pools worth the money?

A: Above the ground, pools are worth every cent due to its flexibility. With prices ranging from one hundred dollars or less, one can find what fits in their budget for installation and still have some money left to throw a pool party. You also have the liberty to choose the temperatures of water you would like it to be it a Jacuzzi during the night or a cold swim during the summer.

Q: Are above ground pools hard to maintain?

A: All pools need thorough maintenance that includes cleaning, maintaining chemical/chlorine balance, filtering and changing of water every once in a while. No hard repairs required for an above the ground pool, in case one needs a change of shape colour or design, they can always replace it with a new one. Maintenance is quite easy as it only requires proper storage methods, regular checkups for wrinkles, leaks and strained pool liner, and ensures the right amounts of chemicals for cleaning.

Q: Are above ground pools covered by homeowners insurance?

A: Most above the ground pools qualify as the homeowner's personal property. These means any property that is not on the premises but is still protected by the owner insurance. This insurance policy has to cover all accidents. Reliable homeowner insurance offers their clients and their family member's package that cover most disasters. The standard policies will cover disasters such as windstorms, winter storms, and lightning strikes.

As much as the pool is insured, it has to meet all the set legal standards as well. In the case of death or an accident occurs in an insecure swimming pool, the owner may be held legally responsible. Inform the insurer of the new installation before it is set up to avoid legal battles later after installation.

Q: How often should an above ground pool be back washed?

A: Backwashing is the process of cleaning the swimming pool filtering section. The pool filter ought to be checked out well cleaned in the event the pressure gauge rises eight to ten pounds above the starting pressure .Backwash needs to be done every four to six weeks but the pressure gauge ought to be checked on a weekly basis. Cleaning the accumulated debris and dirt should not be done too often as it wears off the filters, wastes water. On the flip side, not cleaning it too frequently may lead to a dirty pool with clogged filters. Having a clean pool will save you so much from embarrassment to skin diseases to eye infections and makes maintenance a whole lot easier.

Q: When should an above ground pool liner be replaced?

A: There so many reasons for replacing a swimming pool liners which includes, wrinkled pool liners, strained pool liners, leaky liners and ripped liners. Pool owners need to be extra observant for any leaks on the liner and replace as soon as possible to avoid damages. Chemical balance is crucial as too much of it causes algae formation which may trigger build-ups that cause strained and leaky pool liners. Wrinkly liners can be avoided by putting the right amounts of water and using soft sole shoes to spread out the pool liner during set up. Proper maintenance is the best way to ensure your ground pool is in good shape throughout the year.

There is no definite time to replace a pool liner, as it all depends on the maintenance habits!

Q: What is pool shocking?

A: Pool shocking or super chlorinating is the process of sanitizing and oxidizing pool water to keep it visibly clear. Everybody enjoys a clean swimming pool, and shocking is thus very crucial. The whole idea is to maintain the pool safe from contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and algae growth in the pool. One can use both chlorine and nonchlorine shocks.

Swimming Pools need to be shocked on a weekly basis or more, depending on how often the pool is being used. Other factors will include significant amounts of rainfall and extreme heat and summer weathers.

Q: What are some good above ground pool accessories to own?

A: The first thing one needs is a backyard to set up the pool. The identified position should be in a strategic place that is free from any form shade. It should also not be in a corner next to the fence to avoid thorn pricks, sharp stones or other dangerous elements that may cause harm to swimmers or the pool itself.

Some of the accessories required include;



Duct Tape

Coping Clips (overlap liners)

Spray Adhesive (when using Wall Foam)

Wall face plates & gaskets

2*4*8 ft sticks of lumber

Clothes Pins/Pennies


Submersible pump

Large screwdrivers

Large Shop Vac

Razor Knife

Submersible pump

Extension cord

Razor knife

Flat trowel

Flat shovel

Carpenter level

Some Optional Accessories

Wall Foam

Floor Liner or Pad

Floor Cove

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