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Mobile Home Bathroom Remodeling Tips For The DIY Homeowner

Whether you’re building or remodeling, designing your perfect bathroom is without doubt an exciting and thoughtful process. To ensure that you get your dream mobile home bath, it is important to keenly assess your overall needs and then come up with an efficient and effective layout that maximizes the available space and minimizes costs. This is possible because once you have a strategy in place, it is much easier to come up with a budget, shop for durable and beautiful finishes and hire contractors.

Mobile Home Bathroom Remodeling Tips - Coming Up With A Game Plan

For an existing bath, you should assess the cons and pros of the present layout whereas for a completely new bath, you should conceptualize how the space is going to function. One of the first things you need to do is to come up with a budget. Not only will it have a significant impact on the type of materials that you purchase, but it will also assist you in setting up boundaries of your design. This is bound to make it easier for you to identify and decide on the items and fixtures you need to buy and where you need to be more creative and daring.

One of the most profound mobile home bathroom remodeling tips is never to move or shift your plumbing. Even though switching your toilet and sink may seem and look simple enough, the truth is that this process is never cheap. The overall costs of moving the plumbing is usually quite prohibitive. You are therefore better off spending less on moving fixtures and spending more on getting sleek and stylish bathroom fixtures which will make your bathroom more functional and stylish.

Never underestimate the overall importance of having proper and well thought out lighting in your bathroom. Simply adding more lighting can make your small bathroom look larger. For shaving or applying makeup, ensure that you have bright light. To get even lighting on your face; you should opt for some sconce lighting in your vanity. To help diminish those unflattering shadows, make a point of having such lights installed at eye level. For your relaxing bath, install some dim lighting for the best results.

Always keep in mind that moisture is by far your bathroom’s greatest enemy. In this regard, make sure that your have very good ventilation. Unless this is done, mildew and mold will negate all the remodeling you may have succeeded in undertaking. You should make a point of installing a vent fan of appropriate CFM for the footage of your mobile home bathroom. It is important to note that the popular rough guide is to have one CFM per square foot for any bathroom that’s one hundred feet (100 sq ft) or smaller.

When it comes to color, a fresh coat of paint is a very easy way to give the bathroom an instant face lift. Always keep in mind that single color schemes are ideal if you want to make small rooms look larger whereas a neutral palette can expand the space even more. If you are into some drama, then you can use colors such as eggplant, dark greens and blues, deep reds or even ochre.

Choosing the right finish is very important. Now more than ever, there are numerous choices for bathroom fixtures. While polished chrome or matte still remain popular, some homeowners are opting for darker finishes such as wrought iron and oil rubbed bronze. Always take into consideration the feel and look that you wish to create when making a decision.

With the current drive of going green, a remodeling project does offer you an opportunity to go 'green’ as well. Generally, green products tend to have better design, are chemical free, function better and lower utility bills. It is important to note that going green doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy new products and items, you can even decide to recycle some things in the home or do something as simple as re-painting a cabinet instead of dumping it in a landfill.

Finally, you should be brutally honest and open about your technical skills, if you know that you are not very good at fixing things or have never undertaken any DIY project, then don’t make your bathroom remodeling project the first one. If you can’t do it, make sure you get the services of a well qualified professional who is well experienced in such undertakings. With a good contractor, the money you pay will be worth the end result. To get the best contractor, seek referrals from neighbors, family, friends as well as co-workers who have previously done a similar project.

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