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Mobile Home Central Heat And Air Units: Options For Heating And Cooling Your Mobile Home

Just like in conventional homes, mobile homes should be comfortable and enjoyable to live in. However, this may not be the case if you don’t have a functional and efficient heating and cooling system. Especially during the warmer summer and the colder winter months, the indoor environment in your mobile home can be unbearably hot or cold if your HVAC is faulty or not functional altogether. The good thing is that despite the fact that mobile home spaces are a bit tinier than conventional homes, there are still a variety of options when it comes to heating and cooling equipment. Some of these include boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and central heating and cooling systems. In other words, the later is referred to as central heat and air units, which are designed such that they are capable of heating and cooling the manufactured home when and as appropriately needed.

What Are Mobile Home Central Heat and Air Units?

To begin with, there are many different types of heating and air conditioning units, among which are central heating and cooling units. These units may be designed for heating alone, cooling alone, or for both heating and cooling. In central heat units, heat is generated from a central location, the distributed throughout the mobile home via a system of ductwork. The heat source can be a furnace or a reversed cycle air-conditioner. Likewise, central air units distribute cooled air throughout the manufactured home via a system of ducts. Central heating and cooling units popular for their effectiveness in maintaining constant and uniform temperatures throughout the home as compared to alternative HVAC units such as portable ACs, split systems, and window air conditioners. They are more advantageous in that air from the outside is also filtered as it passes through the ductwork before being distributed in your home’s living space.

However, it is important to note that central HVAC systems require ductwork, meaning that you may have to modify or repair your existing ductwork or install new ductwork in your mobile home when installing a new HVAC system to keep your home cool/warm and enhance your indoor comfort levels.

Split-Unit Central Heat and Air Units

This is one of the most common setups used for heating and cooling mobile homes. The heating and cooling system forces heated or cooled air throughout the home through a series of ducts installed either under the mobile home’s floor or above the ceiling. In this system, the heating source can be a forced air furnace whereas the cooling source is the refrigerated air conditioner. The unit is referred to as split, since it comprises of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is known as the condenser/compressor, whereas the indoor unit is called the evaporator/air handler.

Factors to Consider When Installing Central Heat and Air Units

Upon noticing that your mobile home cooling and heating units have become damaged or unreliable and need an upgrade, there are various things to think about. Some of these include the following:

• Whether to repair or replace
• Whether new ductwork will be required
• Capacity of HVAC unit required needed in case of replacement
• Size of heating unit that will fit in your mobile home
• Type of HVAC unit (include whether you need the entire system replaced, the furnace only or the AC only)
• Costs of purchase and installation
• Equipment warranty and quality
• Whether to hire a professional HVAC installer or follow DIY installation tips

Common Problems in Central Heat and Air Units

Some common problems faced by mobile homeowners when it comes to their heating, cooling, and air conditioning equipment includes the following:

• Not cool or hot air coming out but the system is running
• The system turns constantly on and off frequently
• The unit won’t start
• The fan won’t stop
• Production of unusual noise from the unit

The above are just a few of the most common problems mobile home owners may encounter with their HVAC units, most of which are indications that something is amiss. The source of the problem could as little as a failed thermostat or a tripped main switch to a broken condenser or dirty filters/ducts. Before approaching the stores for a replacement part or unit, it is always advisable that you have an HVAC expert inspect your HVAC system for a way forward.

Mobile Home Central Heat And Air Units - Product Examples

1: Alpine 12K (40,800 BTU) Mobile Home Electric Furnace
• Buy From: alpinehomeair.com
• Price: $608.99
• Link: https://is.gd/jGcMa4

2: Mitsubishi 18K BTU (20.5 SEER) Cooling-Only System
• Buy From: acdirect.com
• Price: $1,938.00
• Link: https://is.gd/RKl30o

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