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Replacement Closet Door Choices For Your Mobile Home

Choosing closet doors can be quite daunting to say the least. This is because there are very many closet door options available and making a decision as to which one is best suited for you is bound to be a tough task. The doors usually come in all sizes and shapes and can be made out of various wood products or even glass. The door styles also vary, from solid wood 3, 5, 6 or 8 panel doors to double wide French doors, bi-fold doors etc.

It is also important to note that the closet door construction does also vary, there are those made from MDF, those made from hollow core Masonite, those made from solid wood or even glass. Hollow core doors are quite popular because of their weight and are therefore available in several shades with some being more rugged than the others.

For closet doors, it is important to take into consideration how often the space or door will be used and then choose an appropriate door knob. Many people tend to forget this factor and end up having very good doors but with knobs which can’t last as long. The most common type of door knob installed on closet doors is the standard brass door knob, even though there are also various styles and types which one can choose from.

Lastly, it is important to choose a door that complements the overall style and décor of your home both in material and functional construction. In this regard, you should not limit yourself to the same type of closet door throughout the entire home, try to mix and match where it is sensible and see how different it looks: it may just be the breath of fresh style that your home needs.

Here are some mobile home closet doors currently available in the market, these are:

1) Product Name: JELD-WEN Woodgrain 3 Panel Bi-Fold Closet Door (Hollow Core)

Product Price: $ 87.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this three panel molded interior door is best suited to the classic
 American architecture and the bi-fold style does help in preserving valuable space and is therefore ideal for use in places and spots where fitting a swinging door is virtually impractical. When closed, the bi-fold panel style does fit the 6 panel door fixture when it is shut or closed Its textured wood grain surface can be stained and painted as well. Prehung and matching slab doors to mix and match this door are also available. It has a trim allowance of 0.5 inches from the door height and a width of .25 from each side. The door comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

2) Product Name: TRUporte 1 Lite Tempered Frosted Glass Composite Closet Door (Bi-Fold)

Product Price: $ 287.37

Product URL:

Product Details: This unit is embellished with stylish, high quality and attractive rich finish. The door is bound to add lots of warmth and vitality to the living environment. The 4mm tempered frosted glass does provide rigidity, strength and provide a very contemporary look. The door does include matching fascia that completes the overall look. It does also have an elegant satin nickel pull, making it easy to operate. The top hung roll system is fitted with adjustable hangars which eliminate the need for a floor track: this has the effect of not only making it easy to adjust but also enhances the overall look of the door. Further to the above, it does also have a maintenance free finish.

3) Product Name: 30 by 80 inches Woodgrain Hollow Core Molded Closet Door (Bi-Fold)

Product Price: $ 52.80

Product URL:

Product Details: these doors have a straight grain and fine texture which allows for a reflective smoothness that continues to retain its light color over a relatively long time. It does have engineered wood stiles and rails to significantly reduce instances of warping. It should also be noted that the doors are not only stainable but also paintable. Both elegant and handsome, this is one of the most versatile door units in the market . It is easy to install and quite durable.

4) Product Name: 32 inches by 80 inches MDF 5 Panel Equal Solid Core Interior Door

Product Price: $ 247.25

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit does combine the very best of rail craftsmanship and authentic stile with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) technology. This allows for engineered stiles with solid wood core for easy screw holding and excellent machining. The exceptionally smooth surface of the door does make the MDF easy to paint and decorate. The door is supplied pre-assembled in a 4 9/16 inch door frame and is relatively fast and easy to install.

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