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Mobile Home Removal Companies: How To Choose The Right One

Depending on your needs and requirements, at times removal of your mobile home may be a better option than transporting it from one point to the other. This is especially so if the condition of the mobile home in question is to very good. Another reason why it may be prudent to remove or demolish your mobile home rather than transport it is the cost factor which can be quite prohibitive. Typically, transporting a mobile home from one point to the other may cost anything between $5,000 and $ 20,000, whichever way you look at it, the amounts are quite substantial. With many mobile home removal companies popping up, it is important to take into consideration certain factors when choosing the most appropriate company to engage.

Mobile Home Removal Companies - Factors

The first thing you need to do is to get recommendations from friends, family, neighbors and colleagues who may have used these services. Generally, the best and safest way to employ somebody to remove your mobile home is to talk to those whom you trust and have used the services of such companies before. The truth is that whether good or bad, a client always has something to say about a service provider and most of the times they are very truthful.

Make an effort of focusing on local companies since you are more likely to get feedback about them from the local population. If you are doing an online search, don’t always go for the top searches; try out even those at the bottom of the list because in this business, a lot of business is done through word of mouth. You should also keep an eye on both positive and negative reviews about the company.

The next thing you should do after short listing the top three companies that you get is to ask for quotations. Try and get a minimum of three and a maximum of four quotations so as to avoid being to brief or too long and confusing in your search. You should also ensure that all the quotations are for the same service. Make sure that the companies spell out exactly what the quote covers, don’t accept general figures which have not been broken down.

Always avoid the simple model of charging you per hour, you will end up paying more money and the job may most likely not be done to your liking. Always make sure that a representative of the company visits the site and takes into consideration the distance, surroundings and any other pertinent detail.

Even though price is a big factor, you should get your priorities right and pay close attention to facets of the removal that you hold dear. There are those removal companies which may be able to remove the mobile home with minimal disturbance to maybe the flora and fauna of the neighborhood or do it is one day rather than three days etc. check out these small nuances and get a deal that leaves you satisfied and happy.

Chances are that this is your first and maybe last mobile home removal activity, in this regard, it is recommended that you ask as many questions as possible so as to ensure that all your fears and concerns are fully and adequately addressed before the work commences. It is also advisable to try and schedule the removal mid-week or mid-month and not during weekends since these are usually the busiest periods and removal companies are bound to charge a premium. Undertaking your removal mid-week could mean lower prices and also implies that you are going to get a team that’s well rested and ready to work.

Here are some of the most popular mobile home removal companies in the market. 

Mobile Home Removal Companies - Examples

1) J&D Recyclers LLC

Mailing Address: 233 E. Court St. Sidney, OH 45365

Phone Number: 937-419-0502

Web URL:

Other Programs:apart from mobile home removal, the company does also offer handyman services, junk removals, Electronic Recycling as well as demolition and wrecking.

2) Complete Mobile Home Service Inc

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 7180, Chandler, AZ 85246

Phone Number: 602-283-1380

Web URL:

Other Programs: apart from tear down and setups, the company does also undertake tie downs for FHA and HUD, re-leveling, repairs and maintenance, Skirting, Awnings etc. with years of experience in this field, their services will not only meet but surpass your expectations.

3) Junk Doctors

Mailing Address: 407 Knight Avenue Cary, NC 27511

Phone Number: 919-466-9322

Web URL:

Other Programs: apart from mobile home removal, they also pride themselves in offering concrete removal and light demolition services as well as general junk removal

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