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Keep Your Energy Costs Down With The Right Mobile Home Solar System

Renewable energy is no longer a dream. Using solar energy from the sun to create solar power is the savvy consumer’s eco-friendly, cost-effective and practical solution to the ever increasing demand for energy and an ever dimming supply of environmentally toxic and expensive fuels such as diesel and petroleum. In this regard, many mobile homeowners are keen on knowing how to use solar technology to generate electricity, power lights, heat water, reduce carbon footprints and decrease utility costs.

The advantages of solar energy are numerous and quite far-reaching. Now more than ever before, consumers are more aware and feeling the pinch when it comes to powering their vehicles, generating electricity and heating their homes. By investing and employing the right equipments, solar energy is one of the most economical and reasonably priced energy solutions available. The energy is renewable, , unrestricted and users are never affected by skyrocketing prices, production limitations or shortages. Technological advancements have even taken this a notch higher by enabling solar equipment to even operate during cloudy days.

As earlier mentioned, you need to purchase the correct equipment which will allow you to generate your own power. In this regard, there are a few basic solar components that you have to add to the system. One of the first equipment you need is a solar panel. This is a popular source for electricity to charge batteries to power your RV, personal watercraft, boat, ATV, Truck, appliances or home. They are usually sold in solar kits or individually. You should make a point of determining beforehand the number of panels based on your intended use.

Another equipment you need to buy is a charge controller. When the sunlight is too bright for too long, chances are that the voltage produced by the panels can damage the batteries. To safeguard against this, you need to install a charge controller to regulate the charge. This prevents instances of overcharging and in the long run, does significantly increase the performance and lifespan of the battery.

Batteries are used to store the solar energy for a consistent supply of power over time, even when there is no sunshine and no electricity is being generated. Always opt for marine or deep cycle batteries since they are technically designed to be discharged and charged repeatedly without wearing down or losing its efficacy.

The power inverter does serve two purposes, it can be used to convert the low voltage Direct Current (DC) to the 120V Alternating Current (AC) that’s needed to run household appliances or charge your batteries if it is connected to an AC generator or utility grid. Unless you have enough solar power and thus plan to exclusively use your battery power, you need to have a power inverter installed.

It is worth mentioning that many appliances are now available in the market as solar operated products. Such products allow the homeowner to use them when there isn’t a conventional power supply and also work pretty well in the absence of solar power. Some of the common mobile home solar operated products in the market include solar air collectors which work like space heaters and can be used as supplemental heating system when the sun is shining as well as solar powered lights which are also quite popular with mobile homeowners. Solar auto air purifiers also work to absorb harmful gases, smoke and other particulates and are widely used in the market too.

Here are some of the popular mobile home solar power systems readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Adjustable Solar Water Pump with 2 10 Watt Panels

Product Price: $ 214.00

Product URL:

Product Details: has an adjustable water rate with a variable speed valve as well as a day and night mode function. There are four levels of water flow and the pump is fitted with an LED fountain light that lights up the unit at night.

2) Product Name: MS 150 Solar Generator

Product Price: $ 2344.00

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is fitted with a remote monitoring system and an inverter upgrade. It does also have a three phase output, lithium batteries, on-board diesel generator, custom interior work and additional axle capacity as well.

3) Product Name: Sunrise RV Kit

Product Price: $ 524.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a single panel 100W kit that offers users an expected output of slightly more than 500 watts daily. The unit is sold as a kit that includes one solar panel, a remote temperature sensor, a cable extension and a charge controller.

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