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Mobile Home Storm Doors: Key Information That Mobile Homeowners Must Know

Mobile Home storm doors are often built to protect your door from the harsh elements of weather. So when building a door, a space is often left behind it to accommodate the one you want to fix. Again, a storm door protects your home from security threats, plus it increases its insulation capabilities as well. Storm doors have a mechanism that let them close automatically and lock to keep it ajar. What's more, there are some storm door designs that feature full pane glass while others only have half of their structures made of glass. This glass can be removed frequently and replaced with a screen if the weather is favorable.

Mobile Home Storm Doors - Misc

Installation guidelines to follow

Most mobile home storm doors are designed for installation on both sides of the door. However, it is still possible to find storm doors designed for right or left hand swing only. Therefore, ensure you check the storm door you want to buy so as to be sure that it is compatible with your current entry door model.

Designs available

They will come either in half or full view. This means that your door can either come in full glass or solid at the bottom and glass at the top. Glass storm doors are available in single and double options, and this increases the opportunity for good insulation. Some homeowners even use weather stripping to seal spaces around the door, thus increasing insulation.

The solid part of the door is usually made of aluminum, and is designed with a solid inner core made of insulation foam. Again, it is still possible to find the solid part of the door made in composite material or wood grain finish to boost curb appeal.

Now, when choosing a storm door for your house, ensure you pay attention on how the entry door opens. A storm door that only works with a right-hand entry can make it difficult to operate the door. Again, some entry doors are built without keeping an entry door in mind. As a result, this arrangement can make opening of the storm door more difficult. Therefore, the bottom line of all this is to make sure there's enough room for the storm door you want to purchase.

How to maintain a storm door

Because these doors are a center of activity, they should be serviced frequently. For instance, you must ensure that the hinges are oiled properly and that the latches are also working correctly. The tracks of the door must also be free from debris so as to allow the door to open and close smoothly. Otherwise, the mechanism of the door will wear out easily. Therefore, make sure you sweep out the tracks regularly, plus make sure that they are lubricated with Teflon or silicone spray.

How to repair a storm door

A strong wind may blow towards the door, thus hitting it so hard that it ends up wrenching open. As a result, the plunger may end up getting damaged. In some cases, the closer ends up getting torn away from the door jamb. This is the worst that may happen to your door.

So if the closer is torn off, you will need to think about replacing it. To do this, try locking the door in the opening position first. Get rid of the pin that attaches to the door closer, then unscrew the brackets from the door jamb. The manufacturer of the door will have instructions included on how to replace a door closer.

In the case of a pneumatic closer, you can adjust the velocity of closure. To do this, you will need to turn the adjustment screw accordingly. And lastly, if the door has its tracks bent, you can re-align them with a hammer and bring them back into shape.

Finally, if the door has a mechanism that lets it interchange between glass and screen, ensure that you've created a snug installation when servicing it. Furthermore, clips must be tight. And if the clips are worn out, you can always replace them. This will cost you money, but it's worth spending than having an insecure storm door for your mobile home.

For a complete range of mobile home storm doors, you can check out this Amazon page, A good storm door goes for $300. You can also source all your accessories on that page.

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