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Mobile Home Toilets: Which One Should You Choose For Your Home?

Just like with conventional homes, a toilet is one of the most important amenities in mobile homes. Lucky enough, most mobile home models come already equipped with beautiful toilets of good quality inside. However, mobile home toilets are also prone to certain problems that may require professional or DIY repairs depending on the complexity of the problem. At times, you may feel the need to replace your current toilet with a more convenient and elegant model. This makes it important to have some information on the common types available, as well as get familiar with some of the most common toilet problems mobile home owners are likely to encounter. Below are some pointers to help you get informed and appropriately prepared regarding your mobile home’s toilets.

Mobile Home Toilets - Common Types

Basically, there are two major types available in the market. These include the regular versions and the handicapped type. The handicapped type is designed with people suffering from mobility issues or certain disabilities in mind. Based on how they work, however, the following are the common toilet types you can find in the market.

The Gravity Toilet

Just like the name suggests, a gravity toilet uses use the force of gravity to flush waste. A minimal amount of running water is used by this type of toilet. The deign looks similar to that of regular home toilets, only without the tank. Most models are connected to mobile home water systems from the back and flush the waste into the home’s septic system.

The Composting Toilet

In this type, a septic or water tank connection may not be necessary. Most models have a tank or reservoir containing organic compounds and connect to the toilet bowl via a system of pipes. The waste stays there until the tank is full and can be safely disposed or used as fertilizer. It can be a great choice for mobile homeowners whose biggest priority is to conserve water. However, the waste may produce foul odors in the home.

The Cassette Toilet

Last but not least, we have cassette toilets, which have the functionalities of both the gravity and composting toilets combined. They flush waste using water from the mobile homes water supply but also have a storage tank for the waste. Flushed waste from the toilet bowl enters the tank, which comes in various sizes and capacities measured in gallons.

Common Mobile Home Toilet Problems

During its use, a mobile home toilet is prone to a number of problems, especially depending on the type and how it is used. Some of the most common problems include clogging and blocking, continuous running, weak flushing, and bowl leakage, among others. Let’s take a closer look at some of these problems for better understanding.

1) Clogged Toilet: clogged toilets are mainly caused by obstructions and buildup of debris in the toilet’s vent pipe or another part of the channel through which waste from the toilet bowl is conveyed. Clogging may be indicated by sluggishness in flushing and toilet overflows. Sometimes this may cause water damage and if noted, it’s always best to call a professional plumber to have the problem fixed ASAP.

2) Continuously Running Toilet: This is what occurs when the toilet water keeps running for an extended period after you flush. The root cause of the problem may be from damaged overflow pipe, bad chain setting, leaky flapper, or faulty handle. Slightly jiggling the toilet handle can solve the problem. In some cases, parts replacement may be required.

3) Weak Flushing: when there’s a problem in the siphon jet’s penetrations, the bowl rim, or the angled swirl holes, your toilet may exhibit weak flushing.

4) Leaking Toilet Bowl: Most leaks originate from weakened seals at the floor toilet connection. It’s a critical problem that may require repairs as soon as they’re noted.

With this knowledge, it can be easy for mobile home owners to make a decision on whether to DYI or call a professional for help with projects involving the installation, replacement, or repair of mobile home toilets or their parts.

Mobile Home Toilets - Product Examples

1: White Round Front Plastic Toilet Seat
Buy From: mobilehomepartsstore.com
Price: $10.95
Link: https://is.gd/tq8hjA

2: Nature's Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet
Buy From: Amazon
Price: $960.00
Link: https://is.gd/7NmiwB

3: Dometic High Profile 300 Gravity Flush Toilet - White
Buy From: campingworld.com
Price: $105.59
Link: https://is.gd/QdLa8X

Along with a new toilet, be sure to also purchase toilet supply lines if the need arises.

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