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Mobile Home Toilet Supply Lines: The Replacement Options Available

As part of a home’s plumbing system as well as a must-have place where you respond to the calls of nature, the toilet is among the most important rooms in any home. For this reason, the toilet needs to have water and sewerage supply lines in proper condition at all times. When problems or faults develop somewhere within the toilet plumbing system, homeowners end up facing a number of intimidating or perhaps embarrassing situations, not forgetting the possibility of calamities such as water damage. Some of these problems may include leaks in the toilet, overflowing, lack of toilet water supply, and possibly fault odors from the toilet due to improper function of the unit.

For these and more reasons, mobile home toilet supply lines are highly important. You can fix some water supply line repairs yourself, whereas some situations may require hiring a professional plumber depending on the level of damage or fault on the water lines if at all you manage to discover them. Sometimes the part may require replacement, whereas in some cases, only a little effort is what you require to tighten the connector edges of the unit. Luckily enough, most of these plumbing fittings such as connectors and valves usually cost less than ten dollars. Here are some important pointers you might want to read about mobile home toilet supply lines.

Mobile Home Toilet Supply Lines  - Common Types Available

Depending on the brand and year of manufacturing, different mobile homes come with different types of toilet supply pipes.

1. Galvanized Metal Pipes: Earlier mobile home models were best known to come with metal galvanized pipes for toilet supply. However, these options were seen to cause problems to homeowners, in the sense that they tend to corrode easily. As the pipes corroded, rust particles were formed along the plumbing, which would result in the loss of toilet water supply or the presence of rust particles in water supplied at a very low pressure. If your mobile home came with such, you may have already noticed that they require replacing.

2. Chrome-Plated Brass Pipes: This is another traditional option that came with early manufactured homes that were made in the 1970s and below. The units basically comprised of a brass tube, chrome plated and with a flared end. These required a compression fitting at the valve during installation. The challenges in these lines are that installation involved bending into the right configuration and cutting. Suppose the installer cut a length too short, this rendered the tube useless and another one had to be purchased.

3. Copper Supply Lines: copper lines are occasionally available, often providing a better alternative to chrome plated and galvanized options as they do not corrode. However, the real threat is that the pipes can freeze easily during cold weather, causing toilet water shortages. They are also overly expensive and can be difficult to work with during installation.

4. Flexible Toilet Supply Lines: Nowadays, there are flexible options in the market, which are easy to work with and are designed to last without inconveniences such as corroding. The line’s flexibility allows you to easily move it to find a proper alignment without too much strain. Most options only require attaching onto the tank and the toilet valve, without the need for additional attachments. These are available in plastic and stainless steel styles.

• Plastic Flexible Lines (PEX): These are mostly made from a quality type of plastic known as polybutylene. Regardless of their great flexibility, polybutylene tubes tend to break or crack easily, which could result in water leaks and such problems. Another common option in this category is CPVC supply lines.

• Stainless Steel Flexible Lines: These are more durable, tougher, and come already equipped with integral washers at the ends for easy fitting. Most people replace their mobile home toilet supply lines with steel options whenever conducting plumbing repairs.

Whenever looking for replacement toilet supply lines and fittings, it is important to carefully consider factors such as product brand, reputation, quality, and ease of installation before buying. Below are a few recommended options you may want to look at for starters.

Mobile Home Toilet Supply Lines - Product Examples

1: Homeworks’ Worldwide 3/8-in. OD X 7/8-in. BC Stainless Steel 12-in. Toilet Supply Line
• Buy From: Home Depot
• Price: $5.73 / each
• Link: https://is.gd/s1q7pq

2: Fluidmaster 12-in Universal Stainless Steel Braided Toilet Supply Line
• Buy From: Lowes
• Price: $6.49
• Link: https://is.gd/hBfd83

3: Fluidmaster No-Burst 20" Vinyl Toilet Water Connector
• Buy From: mobilehomedepotmi.com
• Price: $ 6.68
• Link: https://is.gd/DhkH4m

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