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Important Tips On How To Choose Mobile Home Water Supply Lines

Even though most supply lines used for water applications may be made from copper, most of the flexible options are made from either braided stainless steel, plastic or braided plastic. They are usually easy to install because they have screw-on nuts on each end and so its installation usually requires simple screwing of the nut onto the faucet inlet or valve. Whereas some codes in certain areas don’t allow for the installation of braided plastic supply lines, the braided stainless steel is quite popular even though it is pricier. In this regard, it is imperative that you check on government regulations within your locality before you install a water supply line.

As a rule of thumb when shopping for a supply line, make sure you first determine the length of supply line you may require by simply measuring the distance from the inlet valve to where the fixture is. Once you get this reading, make a point of adding 4 or 5 inches on the distance you got so as to ensure that your supply line will be long enough. Once you have done this, make sure you select the correct connector size: this is usually dependent on where you are connecting the supply line as well as the fixture in question.

Some of the features you need to take into consideration is the availability or use of water hammer arresters or mufflers which stop the banging sound usually heard when valves on fixtures such as dishwashers or washing machines slam shut. It is also advisable to go supply lines which are corrosion resistant and have no burst hoses or flexible tubes reinforced some stainless steel braiding and specially built to withstand supplying water to a fixture.

Here are some examples of mobile home water supply lines readily available in the market. They include the following:

1) Product Name: Homewerks 3/8 Inch Faucet Supply line (Braided Stainless Steel)

Product Price: $ 7.98

Product URL:

Product Details: this stainless steel supply line, 3/8 inches OD by � inch . IPS by 30 Inch is also ideal for water that’s in exposed locations. The line is very flexible and is also resistant to corrosion, making it quite durable and cost effective. The hose is also specially designed so as to prevent instances of crimping and kinking. Its braided stainless steel construction does assure users of rugged durability, the line does also feature a maximum pressure of 125 psi and the supply line is NSF 61 listed.

2) Product Name: Homewerks 3/8 Inch Faucet Supply Line (Braided Stainless Steel)

Product Price: $ 5.54

Product URL:

Product Details: this is ideal for water in exposed locations. The line is resistant to corrosion and is also very easy to install. The braided stainless steel construction does provide the door with some rugged durability and the hose is designed in such as way that crimping and kinking is prevented. The product does also comply with the 0.25 weighted average lead content that’s usually required on wetted surface. Further to all this, the supply line is NSF 61 listed and does feature a maximum pressure of 125psi.

3) Product Name: BrassCraft 3/8 inch Compression Braided Polymer Faucet Connector

Product Price: $ 5.98

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit is corrosion resistant inside out and is widely used to connect water supply to a faucet. It does feature a multi-filament yarn that’s protected by a special coating (polymer) which ensures there is durability by ensuring there is optimum resistance to corrosion. On the inside of the tubing, the tough PVC does resist attack by other corrosive elements such as chloramines and chlorine. The braided polymer fibers are specifically designed to ensure that the piping bends freely without crimping or kinking. This unit can be used for both hot or cold water supply. It is also easy to install, especially so in cramped areas due to its flexible nature. It has a pressure rating of 125psi.

4) Product Name: Fluidmaster 16 inch Universal Faucet Connector

Product Price: $ 3.98

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit is compatible with most faucet shutoff valves such as the 7/16, � 3/8 inch compression iron pipes. It does also feature a very durable braided stainless steel construction which is quite flexible, therefore making installation quite easy. With its click seal technology, there is no need for any tools, you simply turn the Click Seal nut until it clicks and the seal is secured, with zero instances of leaks. The unit is also fitted with NSF approved polymer core which ensures that the unit is adequately resistant to chloramines and chlorine.

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