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Maintaining Your Mobile Home Window Sills, Plus What To Go For

When the weather turns ugly such that the cold is unbearable, you have the option of increasing the heat inside your mobile home. Whereas it's true that a heater is an invaluable tool that many homeowners use during such moments, the use of heaters can escalate electricity bills. That's why your window sills must be weather-proofed. And when you make some few adjustments on your window sills, you will be able to block the entry of cold air into your mobile home.

The following are tips you can use to make your home a warm paradise:

Reducing drafts

The most important thing you can do with your windows is to patch them during cold season. Your windows sills may have cracks or spaces that encourage air leaks. If you spot any crack on your window sills, you can use caulk to seal those spaces. The edges of your window sills can also be checked for any lose material.

When the old caulk that had sealed your window sills is no longer effective, you can gently remove them using a knife or even a screwdriver. The original caulk must be removed before a fresh layer is applied. When buying caulk, ensure that it's a quality product whose durability is not compromised in any way.

Look for a good sealant

Rotting, strong impact or normal wear and tear will damage your window sills. If loopholes, you can use socks filled with heavy materials to block the openings. Again, these socks must be strong and durable to stay in place and serve you for a long duration.

The use of weather strips

Majority of the mobile homeowners out there use weather strips to continue keeping drafts at bay. However, when it comes to the use of weather strips, vinyl tends to score high since it is strong, durable and weather-proof. But you can also use metallic material as long as it is placed correctly.

Granite sills

When choosing materials for the completion of your project, you will need to make decisions based on a number of factors. You will consider the cost of maintenance, the longevity of the material, durability and cost of purchasing the material. And finally, you will also consider the aesthetic appeal that the material can bring to your mobile home.

In the case of window sill applications, granite is a good choice for that construction work. You could be wondering how custom granite is ideal for your window sill project.

Well, the first thing you should know is that granite is a strong and durable material you can comfortably use for your window sill project. You see, granite sills can accommodate the weight of window boxes as well as other floral beautification treatments you may have in mind. What's more, granite sills don't succumb to rotting or any other moisture effect, hence they prove to be a good investment.

If you want a window treatment project that will work with versatile materials, you will need to choose granite sills over any other material. The market has a lot of pre-fabricated products. But as for these granite sills, you can customize them to fit your window sizes and styles -- regardless of whether you're going modern or traditional.

If you have other stonework at home, granite sills can help you bring out that refined and distinctive appeal that naturally conforms to the entire arrangement of your home. In other words, sills made of granite do well when it comes to boosting the curb appeal of your windows and entire home.

If the cost of maintaining mobile home window sills is a big concern, you may be better off with granite window sills instead. Most materials react to rain water, moisture, dripping flower pots, sun rays and other weather elements. As a result, they fade or change color. But unlike wood window sills that require repainting all the time to stay in good shape, stone materials, particularly granite window sills will serve you well without making you pay huge costs associated with maintenance. This is obviously a plus for mobile homeowners who want to fit and forget.

Final word

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