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Some Important Tips When Installing Oven Range Gas Line Connectors

A gas connector is one of the most important components in a gas range. Even though these units are easy to install and replace, a lot of care should be taken when doing the installation or replacement. To avoid instances of personal injury or property damage, it is always advisable to carefully read the instructions before installing the unit, if you are in doubt after reading through then you are better off calling a licensed gas fitter to assist you.

To avoid instances of corrosion, you should never allow strong chemicals or cleaning solutions to come in contact with the connector. These usually include items such as chlorinated chemicals, ammonia and acids.

It is also important to note that you should never install the connector in such a way that it is concealed within or even runs through any partition, floor or wall. Always make sure that the gas outlet is in the same room as the appliance in question. You should also make sure that the connector is of adequate length so that you don’t have to stretch it too much. Even though the dangers are quite obvious, many people still try to join two or more connectors so as to make a longer one; this is a very dangerous undertaking which can lead to leakages and harm.

When fixing these connectors, always keep in mind that even though the connectors meet the ANSI Standard for connectors as well as national building codes, your local regulations and codes take precedence and should be followed. Take your time to understand the local codes because they tend to vary from one location to the other, there are those that allow homeowners to use pipe thread sealant instead of Teflon tape and vice versa.

When fitting the unit, always ensure that you only use fittings which have been supplied or recommended by the manufacturer or supplied by the connector as a kit. This is because very slight variations can cause life threatening damage. Typically, connectors are designed to withstand minimal movement. However, constant flexing, bending or extreme vibration should be avoided since it may cause metal or plastic fatigue and stress. As a matter of fact, when installing a connector you should always avoid sharp bends and never install the unit in right angles.

You should also ensure that the connector is not in contact with other foreign objects such as sheet metal, iron or copper pipe, electrical wiring, paneling and wall studs so as to avoid instances of corrosion and unwanted exposure. Never use the connector or even the gas supply line for the appliance ground.You should also make sure that you install a connector that's of the correct diameter. Most connectors boldly display their sizes and this should therefore not be an issue.

Here are some of the most common oven range gas line connectors, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Kenmore 60 Inch Gas Connector

Product Price: $ 27.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this is without doubt an important part you need to have when installing a gas stove. The piece is easy to handle and its extra length does come in quite handy when you need to pull the stove a bit. The unit is quite versatile and can therefore work with most gas ranges and stoves. To prevent stress factors, the unit does feature a No-Neck design. Made of stainless steel, the unit is bound to prevent leaks and ensure that you use your stove safely and for a long time as well.

2) Product Name: Gas Range Connector Kit

Product Price: $ 112.04

Product URL:

Product Details: this gas range connector kit does include a thirty six inch gas connector that’s made of stainless steel, several fittings, a leak test solution that’s accurate and easy to use as well as a sealant that’s tough and reliable. All the units included in this kit are easy to install and you therefore don’t even need to call in an installer to assist you with the installation.

3) Product Name: 48 Inch Gas Range Connector Kit (Stainless steel)

Product Price: $ 14.95

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a 5/8 “by 48” Stainless steel gas connector that’s easy to install and maintain as well. The unit does come complete with a gas pipe solution, instructions as well as leak test solution. The unit is long lasting, durable and quite versatile as well.

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