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Door And Window Shutters: Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Decorative shutters are quite popular because they are not only easy to install, they are also affordable and enhance the exterior décor by giving your home some personality as well as additional depth. They can accent a traditional, authentic design or provide a pop of color or simply make the window stand out and get noticed. As a matter of fact, high quality shutters do enhance the curb appeal of a house.

Door And Window Shutters - Types

There are basically three main types of shutters, these are the raised panel shutters which comprise of equal panels which give your house a colonial look and enhances security, there are also the louvered shutters which are the most common, they have slats which are usually separated by a mullion or two. This is usually ideal for a traditional look even though slats do allow for a beautiful exterior addition. The last type are the board and batten shutters which are made up of some vertical boards and cross members known as battens, they are ideal for a cottage or traditional look. They also have some very authentic aesthetics. These varieties are available in different architectural designs such as eyebrow top, arch top or even straight top.

There are several materials which can be used to manufacture shutters, these include wood, composite, vinyl and plastic. Wood shutters can be stained light or dark and are usually treated and are ready to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. Even though plastic and vinyl as well as composite are artificial, they usually have a simulated wood grain look that’s difficult to distinguish from natural wood panels. They also last longer than wood are usually feature what’s referred to as a color through finish which is molded onto the shutter and thus can’t chip, peel or stain.

Here are some examples of shutters for doors and windowswhich are readily available in the market.

Shutters For Doors And Windows - Examples

1) Product Name: Builders Edge 15 inches by 52 inches Louvered Vinyl Shutter Pair

Product Price: $ 38.98 per pair

Product URL:

Product Details: with a durable co-polymer construction, it does feature a molded through color and so there is no need to paint it. The shutter can install on any surface, from stucco, brick, wood vinyl or even fiber cement. These shutters are designed with a very deep wood grain texture which gives it the appearance of wood shutters without bogging you down with the attendant maintenance worries. These shutters are available in a total of twenty (20) maintenance free accent colors and are delivered with matching color installation hardware as well. The product is sold with a limited lifetime warranty.

2) Product Name: 15 inch by 17 inch louvered design white quarter round tops

Product Price: $ 33.63 per pair

Product URL:

Product Details: this shutter allows you to compliment your window style while at the same time giving your home a very dramatic visual interest. Its color is molded through and it therefore not paintable but at the same time, it doesn’t fade, flake or scratch. The unit is also durable, is UV stabilized and virtually maintenance free. Its deep wood grain texture gives this window shutter that unique wood look that’s sought by wood lovers. It is readily available in eighteen (18) accent colors and can be cleaned with a mild detergent or simply hosed off. The shutters are sold in pairs and do have a lifetime warranty. It is also easy to install.

3) Product Name: Elkena Millwork Exterior Composite Wood Louvered Shutters Pair

Product Price: $ 620.34 per pair

Product URL:

Product Details: these composite shutters are custom designed and hand assembled as per client specifications. They provide the feel and look of authentic and real wood shutters minus the maintenance nightmare. They are easy to install because the mounting brackets are included in the package and various colors and sizes are available. The shutters are quite impervious to the negative effects of normal weather conditions. They do add value and beauty to any home where they are installed.

4) Product Name: Winworks Wood Composite Louvered Shutters

Product Price: $ 392.00

Product URL:

Product Details: these shutters are custom crafted to complement any architectural style and color. During the manufacturing process, high pressure wood composite material is combined with a double layer of what’s known as automotive quality paint process to deliver exterior grade results which outperform both vinyl and wood. The wood composite construction or up 1.5 inches in thickness does provide superior structural strength and it is also available in a wide range of colors. It has clear polycarbonate mounting brackets which make the installation process a breeze, the product is sold with a ten (10) year warranty on both the paint and product.

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