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Wall Mirror Options: Tips For Making The Right Pick For Your Room

 Wall mirrors are some of the most elegant features used to improve interior décor, express your tastes and represent your style in any room. They can be used to add more visual excitement and improve the atmospheric vibrancy in any room. However, there are many wall mirror options in terms of style, design, size, shape, and color. The amount you spend on the mirror decoration project will also be determined by the option you go for.

The best way to determine the ideal option for you is to first of all find out why you need to hand a mirror or several in the room. For instance, apart from improving the appearance, mirrors are primarily natural reflectors of light, which makes them a great addition to rooms that seem rather darker or smaller. When choosing a mirror design, it is also important to ensure that it will be compatible with the rest of your room’s decorative features such as the trim, doors, windows, vanities, and furniture among others. Especially in terms of color compatibility and design or style. Below are some considerations to make when debating about your options.

Mirror Style and Frame Material

The style of your wall mirrors is one of the most important factors to consider, which matters as far as décor is concerned. Some come in wooden, plastic, vinyl, or metallic frames, whereas some have their own unique looks and lack frames. The frame patterns are quite important if your framed mirror is to create an appealing presence. A good example is the mosaic frame style, which is renowned for attracting the attention of someone as soon as they enter the room.

Mirror Size and Density

The size is yet another important feature to consider when choosing a wall mirror. Your options will be limited or determined by a number of factors, especially the size of your wall, the room, and the impact you are looking to create with your mirror. The purpose of the mirror will of course also determine the appropriate size to go for. For instance, a mirror meant for affixing on the wall space above the sink kitchen or bathroom sink may be smaller than one meant for introducing brilliance in the bedroom, bathroom, or dining room. This means that it would be appropriate to measure the wall space you intend to place your mirror(s) before acquiring one. The thickness of your mirror will also have an impact on its durability and resistance to environmental pressure.

Mirror Shape

There are many different options for wall mirrors when it comes to shape. The most commonly used shapes are square and rectangular, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with going overboard and choosing a unique, irregular shape. As a matter of fact, the bizarre and unusual shapes are known to attract more attention. Circular mirrors create a simple look and are usually ideal for places such as the bathroom or the bedroom, preferably near the dressing area.


The color is also an equally important factor to consider when choosing mirrors . If your want to highlight your style more with an elegant framed mirror, go for one whose color creates some ambiance and coordination with the rest of your decor features in the room. If you’re not so sure about matching the colors, universals such as black, white or brown can be ideal options for wall framed mirrors. You may also want to bring out a luxurious look by choosing gold or silver coated mirror frames.

A Word on Mirror Positioning

Depending on what exactly you are looking for, you also have several options when it comes to choosing the exact spot where the mirror or mirrors are to be installed. Enlarge and brighten up space in your room by hanging your mirrors on the wall opposite to the direction of light, such that the beams hit the reflective surface as they enter the room. You can also choose to be more creative and include mirrors with different sizes and shapes for a unique, attractive look.

Where to Buy Wall Mirrors

Now that you have some important information on choosing the ideal mirror for your walls, where do you find them? As a matter of fact, this is another important consideration, especially since the store or service provider you approach may limit your choices in terms of shapes, designs, styles, and types. The provider you choose will also have an influence on the amount you spend on your wall mirrors. Be sure to conduct some research on the available wall mirror dealers in your area as well as online to find out the one that has the best options in store as well as the best deals for your budget.

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